About me

My name is Monika and I am a teacher of the pilates method.

I have created Dzień Dobry Pilates to enthuse others about movement. It’s a small, but cosy studio whose doors are always open to those who want to change something in their lives and start to consciously work on themselves and their bodies. Fitness is not given to us once and for all, but ALWAYS you can return to it. I love teaching others how to overcome their limitations – mentally and physically – and start sporting again, live without pain or simply … regain energy and vitality.

I have chosen pilates because it is a road and not an end in itself. I do not have to have a “six-pack” on my stomach or prove that I am a “better version of myself”, but at the same time it is a constant challenge and everyday work to me. Being over 40 I can do better now than 10 years ago and I still have an appetite for more.

On this pilates road I remain an eternal student – having received a diploma from two recognized schools: the American BASI and the British Body Control Pilates, I now continue my education at the famous Romana’s Pilates school – founded by a student of Joseph Pilates, Romana Kryzanowska. Romana accompanied him at work until his death, and later took over the running of the New York studio together with his wife, Klara.

My qualifications

Completed schools:

1. Romana’s Pilates- in progress
2. Open Mind Pilates School – matwork and small equipment (rollers, balls, bands, magic circles)
3. BASI Pilates – matwork
4 . Body Control Pilates – Level 3 (equivalent to completing vocational school in pilates in UK) – matwork, reformer and pilates chair (wunda chair)

Selected trainings / workshops:

1. Instructor course Pilates II – personal training – Reha-fit Rehabilitation and Pilates
2. Stretching and relaxation – Reha-fit Rehabilitation and Pilates Studio
3. Healthy spine – Reha-fit Rehabilitation and Pilates Studio
4. Anatomy Trains I – Thomas Myers concept
5. Pilates in postural faults of the spine, knee and chest – Medical Pilates School
6. Pilates exercises in faults of posture and spinal diseases – Pilates Academy Magdalena Nowak
7. The Hip Joint – the source of life – Biernat Sport and Rehabilitation Center
8. Reformer and variations – Jacobo Gomez Vazquez Inex Pilates, Spain
9. Mobilization of the shoulder girdle on the mat and reformer – Ricardo Jaramillo Nature Pilates, Spain
10. Gait analysis – Ian Sadler, foot biomechanics expert, Great Britain
11. Postural analysis of the lower limb and spine – James Earls, United Kingdom
12. Feet and hips in the Franklin and Pilates method – Tom McCook, USA
13. Work with spine corrector – Movimento Pilates Studio Magdalena Nowak
14. Shoulders – main problems and their solutions in the studio – Body Control Pilates
15. Pilates for sports and performance – Body Control Pilates
16. Pilates for runners – Body Control Pilates
17. Pilates for a strong neck – workshops with Cara Reeser, 2nd generation teacher

Pre- and post-natal training:

1. Pilates for pregnant women and the senior persons – Open Mind Pilates School
2. Body Control Pilates Pregnancy 1 & 2 (program for pregnant women and post childbirth)
3. Medical Pregnancy Training (by midwife Izabela Dembińska)
4. “A mum’s workout” – personal training after childbirth” – workshop by physiotherapist Katarzyna Witek