Each of us is different, has different problems or different causes of similar problems. To solve them, it’s best to work individually or in very small groups. In Dzień Dobry Pilates, I put a lot of focus on quality and realistic help in the issues you have. I pick and choose exercises, modify them for you, correct and watch you. When needed, I consult a physio. Most of my work is personal training, because real pilates is where the work meets individual needs.

Personal training

Consider it if:

  • you do not like fitness clubs and comparing yourself to others
  • you like time flexibility
  • you have issues that should not be dealt with during group classes

I run personal trainings in Dzień Dobry Pilates in Józefosław and in the True Pilates Poland studio in Warsaw, Mokotów, ul. Miłobędzka 4.

Group training

Group classes with Dzień Dobry Pilates are always small – just a few people on mats. Only this way of work allows me to get to know you and your abilities and to maintain the right level of training. Quality above all.

I run group training in my studio Dzień Dobry Pilates in Józefosław and in Warsaw, Mokotów, ul. Różana 25/1.

Reformer training

A universal reformer, called a “torture bed”, was created by Joseph Pilates to improve the efficiency of a pilates workout: to enable clients to perform inaccessible exercises, and at the same time, to speed up the return to their best performance. It was called that way because it REFORMs the body completely. Thanks to the system of springs and belts, its workout potential is almost limitless. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced people. By resisting the springs, one enhances the strength and elasticity of the muscles, as well as learns how to control the movement and stabilize the body properly. Exercises on the reformer are performed in lying, standing, sitting, half-sitting or kneeling positions. All over the world, this piece of apparatus is appreciated by elite athletes who include it in their workouts to build strength, improve their muscle balance and minimize the risk of injury.

Gift card

Give an hour of health to the person you care for! Any occasion is good enough. Maybe thanks to you, the gifted one will finally do something for themselves A reformer workout shall be an unforgettable gift.


Offer for business

To organize Pilates or healthy spine session for your employees, contact me: